Data Products

Welcome to the USNO’s CRF Data Products Page. Under the Data Products drop-down menu to the left, you will find data products developed by USNO in support of its CRF mission:

  • IAU Double Star Center: contains the Washington Double Star (WDS) Catalog, the WDS Supplement, the Visual Orbit Catalog as well as links to other ancillary catalogs and a website maintained for Commission G1 of the IAU.
  • FRIDA: the Fundamental Reference Image Data Archive. Contains ICRF VLBI image data.
  • 24 Hour Sessions: VLBI and EOP data and analysis reports from 24-hour VLBI sessions.
  • UT1-UTC: data and analysis reports for UT1 (solar time) minus UTC (atomic time).
  • Global Solutions: data and analysis reports for the CRF and TRF.

Change Log

Update - 18 March 2022
  • New website launched for the Celestial Reference Frame Department (formerly the Astrometry Department), hosted in the AWS Cloud environment.
  • We have moved to distributing our products via HTTPS for increased data integrity and security of data transmission.